Who is Paul DELSART, founder of EL4DEV program

My job is to carry out multidisciplinary systems engineering applied to technology, environment, society, diplomacy and geopolitics so that the different peoples of the world gradually gain in wisdom, in mutual understanding, in autonomy, in sovereignty and in dignity and then finally activate in a collaborative way in the co-construction of a better world.

I carry out societal intelligence which differs strongly from economic intelligence and social intelligence in that my coordinated activities of collecting and processing information are useful not to economic nor to political stakeholders, as has always been done, but to all the populations themselves. 

  • I conceptualize and design several societal, environmental and educative development projects that are innovative and transformative at a regional, national and cross-national level.
  • I promote the concepts of SOCIETAL DIPLOMACY and POLITICAL-SOCIETAL UNIONS then build their processes and tools.
  • I design and manage transnational decentralized cooperation events in several countries simultaneously.

Finally, I am also a freelance consultant and artist.


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